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Top 10 Best Chicago SEO Companies: The Definitive List 2020

Finding the best SEO companies in Chicago can revolutionize your Google rankings and transform your business.

With our unbiased list, you can find the best SEO company for your brand.

Using verifiable data, we’ve assessed the SEO companies in Chicago IL to give you a definitive list of the top SEO service providers in your area. Scroll down to take a look at our detailed ranking criteria or read on to find out who’s come out on top.

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Top 10 Best Chicago SEO Companies for 2020

  1. Straight North, LLC USA (34 points)
  2. Digital Third Coast (28 points)
  3. Walker Sands (26 points)
  4. Chicago Web Design SEO Company (24 points)
  5. Comrade Web Agency (24 points)
  6. eBizUniverse, Inc. (23 points)
  7. Linchpin SEO (23 points)
  8. Northcutt (23 points)
  9. Thrive Internet Marketing Agency (21 points)
  10. Scott Keever (21 points)

1. Straight North, LLC USA

Billed as a full-service digital marketing agency, search engine optimization is just one element of Straight North’s services. Ranking in the top spot, with 34 points, they’re the first port of call for many companies in Chicago IL that want to increase brand awareness, acquire new customers, and grow their business. Now operating from eight locations, including LA and NY, the last 10 years have been a rapid rise to the top for Straight North. Having acquired a number of businesses, they’ve grown their services to ensure a wide range of specialisms, including SEO for small businesses, Google penalty recovery, and email marketing.

With a domain rating of 73 and a heap of do-follow links pointing to their site, it’s not surprising Straight North comes out on top. As well as offering a range of SEO services, they also provide custom web design, PPC advertising, email marketing, display advertising, and graphic design, so they could be a great choice for businesses that want a comprehensive digital marketing campaign. Their goal? To Make Every Click Count®.

2. Digital Third Coast

Coming in at close second is Digital Third Coast, a self-titled digital marketing agency that provides Chicago SEO services. Working across three broad areas, their focus is on SEO to boost your organic traffic, Link Building, Social Media, Paid Media, and Digital PR. One of their major priorities is producing high-quality content and media to achieve results, both in terms of organic searches and paid advertising.

A fairly high DA and a decent number of do-follow links push Digital Third Coast (DTC) up our rankings when it comes to the best SEO companies in Chicago. In terms of client feedback, it seems DTC sweeps the board. With over 95% of their clients choosing to continue working with them after a year, according to their website, it’s clear they must be doing something right!

As well as being a Google Premier Partner, Digital Third Coast Chicago SEO company have won a slew of awards, including the 2019 Clutch Award for Top Search Engine Marketing and Top Small Business SEO; 2019 Award of Distinction for Content Marketing at The Communicator Awards and have been named as a top 3% global agency by Google.

With glowing testimonials and widespread industry recognition, DTC continues to achieve impressive results on behalf of their clients, proving the title of being one of the top SEO companies.

3. Walker Sands

Walker Sands digital marketing agency was founded in 2001 and has grown substantially since then. As well as offering data-driven SEO services, including content marketing, link building, keyword research to enhance your organic traffic,  the SEO agency also provides clients with a range of web development services, creative services, demand generation, and branding.

Placing emphasis on filling the sales pipeline by increasing organic traffic, they provide exceptional campaign tracking, monthly reporting, and analytics. If you want easily verifiable data to show how and why your SEO is working, Walker Sands may be the agency for you.

Working primarily with B2B clients, their high DA, and a ton of do-follow links highlight their prowess within the industry. In addition to commercial success and recognition, they continue to impress clients in Chicago IL and the surrounding areas.

4. Chicago Web Design SEO Company

Building on 12 years’ experience, Chicago Web Design SEO Company (CWDSC) is situated in S Riverside Drive but has locations in seven other cities and services over 70 towns. Working mainly with companies that are already up and running, CWDSC may not be the right fit if you’re a budding entrepreneur or a start-up. For entities that are already established, however, CWDSC can offer a great range of services.

Founded by now-CEO, Jack Lombardi II, the company claims to be the ‘most trusted web design and SEO company in the Midwest’. Offering web design, reputation management, and lead generation, as well as search engine optimization, CWDSC services a growing number of niche markets. Clients include contractors, dentists, eCommerce stores, plumbers, accountants, and attorneys, so there’s a significant range of markets to explore.

Brand building SEO services start at $179 per month, rising to $500 for local SEO services and $750 a month for eCommerce SEO. With custom options to suit all businesses, CWDSC pride themselves on working with a wide range of small and medium businesses.

5. Comrade Web Agency

Another full-service digital marketing firm, Comrade Web Agency is known for working across specific industries. Their clients include attorneys and law offices; senior living facilities; manufacturers; e-commerce providers and small businesses.

First and foremost, Comrade operates as a web design and development firm. Believing that your website is the ‘heart and soul’ of your company’s online presence, it offers tailor-made web solutions to make your site stand out.

Using digital marketing to create loyal brand ambassadors, Comrade’s approach aligns your long-term goals with action to deliver measurable results. A relatively high DA, combined with overwhelming positive client reviews and a respectable number of do-follow links sees Comrade Web Agency tipped as one of the best SEO agencies in Chicago.

6. eBizUniverse, Inc.

Founded by Thomas Varghese, eBizUniverse now has an in-house team of 12 and offers full-service digital marketing. Recognized by UpCity as a Top SEO Agency, the firm has also been distinguished for its social media marketing services.

SEO is only one of the firm’s specialties. You’ll find web design and web development expertise, video creation, social media marketing, and much more is also available. Having increased one client’s leads by 320% in just two months, the mix of marketing tools certainly seems to deliver value-added results. For the Lighthouse Emotional Wellness Center, eBizUniverse secured number one and two organic rankings on Google’s MAP Pack, increased reviews by 300%, and almost tripled leads in just one month.

Despite a moderate amount of do-follow links, eBizUniverse maintains a relatively high DA, which perhaps highlights just how popular they are. Receiving fantastic feedback from its clients, the firm continues to go from strength to strength.

7. Linchpin SEO

Also receiving 23 points in our unbiased rankings of the best SEO agencies in Chicago, Linchpin SEO has earned an impressive reputation. Offering web design, as well as SEO and full digital marketing services, Linchpin SEO prides itself on getting their clients the recognition they deserve. They design a custom SEO strategy for the best ranking results in search engines. Their SEO strategy includes effective link building, relevant keyword research, content marketing to get you the best organic traffic results.

With tailored solutions for small businesses, growing companies aiming for local growth, and enterprises aiming for national growth, they offer digital marketing solutions for organizations of all sizes.

Founded by Bill Ross, the management team consists of specialists from across a variety of industries, which enables them to serve numerous markets and sectors. A core team of five makes up the management team at Linchpin SEO but numerous staff operates from the company’s five locations.

Already receiving a high number of traffic and benefiting from a super high number of do-follow links, it’s clear that Linchpin SEO practices what they preach.

8. Northcutt

Focusing primarily on growing enterprise, cloud, and e-commerce revenue, Northcutt operates by implementing a four-stage approach; SEO strategy; substance; relationships, and exposure. This Chicago SEO company has worked with numerous well-known multinational corporations, there’s no doubt Northcutt can deliver what they offer.

While they’re not tailored towards smaller businesses, they do offer measurable results to companies that are ready to grow their enterprise. Using over 1,200 fact check via their technical SEO system assessment, they use scientific approaches to fill pipelines.

Having grown with the industry, Northcutt offers a range of dedicated SEO services, including keyword research strategy, ADA compliance auditing, Google penalty recoveries, KOB analysis, and much more to help grow your business with organic search.

With a search engine optimization approach that’s designed to target every element of Google’s SEO assessment criteria, they leave no stone unturned when it comes to getting results. Known for successfully targeting highly competitive keywords, they thrive on making big businesses bigger.

9. Thrive Internet Marketing Agency

Also receiving 23 points on our rankings, Thrive Internet Marketing Agency operates as a full-service solutions provider to brands who want to launch, grow, and succeed. From web design and development to SEO, PPC, and Amazon Storefront and Branding, they offer an exceptional range of services.

Launched in 2005, the firm’s HQ is situated in Texas but has many offices around the U.S. Working with local, national, and international businesses, the large in-house team offers a rich variety of specialisms.

An Official Member of the 2020 Forbes Agency Council, Thrive Internet Marketing Agency also received the 2019 Agency of the Year award from AdWorldMasters and was rated one of the Top SEO Companies in 2019 by Clutch.

Working with businesses across a range of industries, Thrive boasts impressive results and glowing client reviews. One client, a transport company, achieved a 32.44% increase in organic traffic and a 30% increase in conversions (year on year), which highlights just how effective good SEO can be.

10. Scott Keever SEO

Advertised as the #1 Ranked SEO Agency, Scott Keever SEO has ranked more than 100 websites on page one of Google. With a 97% client retention rate and double client visibility rates on average, the agency offers fantastic results.

Offering web development, website design, and social media services, as well as SEO, Scott Keever SEO operates a full-service marketing agency. Working with businesses across all industries, there’s no limit on what they can accomplish for you.

Monthly plans start at $1,000 but clients aren’t asked to enter into any type of contract. This means you retain complete flexibility and, presumably, will only continue to partner with the agency if you continue to benefit from impressive results. This certainly showcases the agency’s confidence and is sure to be an attractive proposition for smaller companies who don’t want to risk investing resources in long-term contracts.

A Google Partner, BBB Accredited Business with an A+ rating, and a 2020 National Excellence Award Winner, Scott Keever SEO is based in N Franklin St and works with clients in Chicago and beyond.

Scoring Criteria

Finding the best Chicago SEO company isn’t easy. To ensure we bring you the most accurate and up to date information, we undertake detailed research and analyze the results, so you don’t have to.

Remember – all the information we use to rank these local SEO agencies in Chicago is publicly available and verifiable. What’s more, our rankings are independent and unbiased, so you won’t find any paid promotions or advertising here.

We ranked SEO companies on a number of factors, including:

  • Presence of an SSL certificate
  • Page loading speeds
  • Domain authority
  • Number of Google reviews
  • Average Google review score
  • Number of do-follow links
  • Total traffic
  • Mobile-friendliness of site

Every assessment criterion was placed into a category, companies being given a score for each of these categories. As you can see, it was Straight North, LLC USA that came out on top when every criterion was researched, collated, and used to calculate a score for each category.

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Our rankings of the best SEO companies in Chicago 2020 is designed to give you easy access to the top firms in your area. Using objective criteria, you can see which agencies come out on top and which SEO companies deliver the right range of services for your business.

Not every firm on the list will necessarily be the right for your brand, however, it’s a great place to start looking for your next SEO partner. Take a look at each of the sites, examine their case studies, and decide who you think is best placed to help you drive your business forward and meet your SEO objectives in 2020.

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