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#6 – Why Overthinking Kills Your SEO Results

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There is an unlimited amount of SEO information you can consume online and this is often the problem. Anyone can give SEO advice and you get instant access to it. You then start to fill your mind with loads of information, most of which is probably conflicting, and this will eventually leads to action paralysis. Too much information causes you to second guess your actions. Question what works and doesn’t work. And ultimately stops you from taking important actions.

That’s why in this episode of the SEO Life podcast I’m going to explain why overthinking and over-complicating the SEO process, kills your results and then what to do about it. Let’s jump in.

The obvious reason why overthinking or second guessing your actions is a killers of your results is because it stops you from taking action. Taking action is the key to learning SEO and getting results. It doesn’t matter how much you think you know about SEO because the only way to truly know is see what happens after you make a move. A move will either produce a positive or negative result. Do this thousands of times and you’ll see what works and doesn’t work. I will say this is rugged path and it’s the path I personally took to learn how to do SEO.PDei) iB

I’ll never forget the day I basically enough is enough and I stopped consuming ALL SEO information unless it was to solve a specific problem that I was encountering. No more reading about the latest updates, no more reading forums threads, and no reading debates on Twitter. I shut it all off and focused on taking action with the limited knowledge that I had. This was the best decision I’ve ever made.

Sure, I failed repeatedly and it probably took me way longer than other people, but I learned through experimentation. And when you learn through experimentation, you never forget. Let’s face it, much of the SEO information you digest is probably forgotten because most people never take action on it. The truth is, reading without action is borderline pointless. If you aren’t taking action on the information than you’re reading for entertainment. Not for building a skill. That’s why I still don’t read many SEO articles or marketing content. And if I do decide to read or digest one, I’ve made it a rule to create an action list for every single piece of content I digest.

Personally, I don’t read marketing content for entertainment. I read it to learn from others and to get better results. That’s it. There’s nothing romantic about it. Get the information you need, create an action list, and take the actions.

The biggest problem with SEO is that it’s SO easy to overcomplicate the process. In fact, a lot of SEO agencies WANT businesses to believe SEO is complicated, technical, and too advanced for them to take in-house. Of course, this serves their special interests which is to look companies into monthly retainers. But deep down inside every qualified SEO knows that SEO isn’t that complicated.

If you understand just the 30,000-foot view of SEO and then take action on it, you’ll be smarter than most of the world. Here’s what the 30,000-foot view of SEO looks like:

  1. Find Keywords to Target
  2. Make Sure Your Website Has a Positive User Experience
  3. Choose Your Target Keywords Based on Competition Levels
  4. Create Incredibly Valuable Pages Around Your Target Keywords
  5. Acquire Backlinks on Relevant Websites
  6. Repeat Steps 4 and 5

That’s the 30,000-foot view for a national campaign. If you’re working on local campaigns, there is an additional step or two. Now to be fair there are many micro steps within these larger marco actions, but here’s how your thought process should be if you’re working on a new SEO campaign.

So, you know that the first step is find keywords. So if you don’t how to find keywords, this is the time to research that. Once you learn how to find keywords, you immediately start trying to find them. You see how different this is? You’re not trying to learn the entire craft of SEO any more. You’re learning the most important steps one at a time. Isolating each step makes the process far less complicated.

So, that’s all you need to do to stop overcomplicating SEO. Only digest information when you have the intention of taking action or when you’re trying to solve a specific roadblock. Otherwise, you should be trying to figure it out yourself and testing. I also recommend you look into the difference between Just-in-Case learning vs. Just-in-Time learning. I’m a big advocate of the second one. I do believe there is some value in the Just-in-Case learning model, but the problem is that it’s really hard to learn that way. You can store all kinds of information in your mind, but it doesn’t mean anything else you’ve taken action on that information. For example, you can go to business school and LEARN about how to start a business, but I can guarantee you, you’ll learn more about starting a business by actually starting one.

Action leads to accelerated skill and knowledge acquisition in my opinion. Trust me… There is no book on this planet that could prepare me for some of the stuff I’ve encounter in my business over the last 5 years. Any way, definilLQV"2}rG!?5tely look into Just in Case and Just in Time learning. It’s extremely valuable. And most importantly, don’t over complicate the SEO process. Learn the bare minimum, take action, learn from the outcomes, pivot, and repeat.

That’s all for episode of the SEO life podcast. Thank you so much for listening and please subscribe if you got value from this. Talk soon.