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Top 10 Best Houston SEO Companies for 2020

Are you looking for the best SEO companies in Houston to help you rise to the top of Google’s search results?

You’re in the right place.

We’ve put together an unbiased list of the best SEO companies in Houston and we’ve not taken a single penny for their placement. Our rankings are based entirely on publicly available statistics. We’ve also detailed our criteria below if you’d like to know h҉pG;kyR1Zs5 H:sow we rank these SEO companies.

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Top 10 SEO Companies in Houston

  1. Thrive Internet Marketing Agency (30 points)
  2. TopSpot Internet Marketing (30 points)
  3. eWebResults (29 points)
  4. Regex SEO (26 points)
  5. Wpromote (25 points)
  6. Hyperlinks Media (23 points)
  7. SEO Houston Pros (22 points)
  8. MARION Integrated Marketing (22 points)
  9. Brazos Valley Marketing (22 points)
  10. Joshua Belland SEO (22 points)

1. Thrive Internet Marketing Agency

Thrive Internet Marketing Agency is tied first on this list together with TopSpot Internet Marketing, but our tie-breaker system edges it out ahead of their nearest competitor. You can get a full detailed explanation of our scoring system below.

Thrive one of the older SEO companies in Houston. Established in 2005, it was formerly known as MLB Web Design and has since grown with offices all across the United States. It has clients all over the world including Germany and Hong Kong. While it originally started as a one-man business, Thrive has since flourished into a full-scale business that boasts a unique and diverse team of experts that cover all aspects of digital brand development.

The company advertises itself as a full-service digital marketing agency that provides everything from content writing to technical SEO. It also includes a web hosting service that is suitable for both large and small businesses that are looking to expand their horizons and grow their brand. Their focus is on big-picture thinking, personalized attention, results-focused innovation, and exceeding your expectations.

Thrive provides a wide selection of services and is proud of its multifaceted approach to digital marketing. Instead of just limiting itself to SEO, the company provides anything that a small or large corporation could need to develop their brand on the internet.

2. TopSpot Internet Marketing

Second on this list, but only due to our tie-breaker, is TopSpot Internet Marketing. Since 2003, TopSpot has been one of the most prominent digital marketing companies in Houston, working with many different industries such as oil and gas, manufacturing, and also small startups. Their goal is to improve your website’s visibility using a variety of different SEO strategies to generate quality traffic and leads while establishing organic growth.

The company began with just five team members but quickly rose in popularity as one of the fastest-growing search marketing firms in Houston. The company now employs well over 100 team members based in their home office in Houston with sales representatives all over the country. They currently boast over 800 clients that are involved in many different industries both niche and local, and they have an online portfolio where they proudly show off the work they’ve produced.

Some of TopSpot’s core values include having a great attitude, being a people-first company, building relationships with their clients, and having confidence with humility.

3. eWebResults

Coming in at third place is eWebResults with 29 points. eWebResults is a Houston-based SEO company that was first established in 1999 under the name E-Webstyle. Their goal has always been to help clients with internet marketing, but they initially focused on custom website design and providing IT support. With the explosive growth of internet search marketing in 2000, eWebResults quickly adapted and rebranded into the SEO powerhouse that it is today.

The company provides a range of different internet marketing services including search engine optimization and PPC advertising optimization. The eWebResults team is a small but highly specialized group that possesses years of experience in the field. eWebResults also offers a free website analysis to new clients that is usually worth $150.

eWebResults also hosts the most popular internet marketing and SEO podcast available on the web that is downloaded known as “SEO Podcast: Unknown Secrets of Internet Marketing”. The show iHD=,@dylQܘnpx

4. Regex SEO

Next, we have Regex SEO at 26 points. Regex is a specialized SEO company in Houston that was founded by three members that previously worked for larger firms in the marketing industry. Together, they left their previous jobs due to their lack of faith in how their previous companies treated customers, often selling them useless services and poorly optimizing their marketing plans.

Regex SEO was born from a desire to provide truly effective SEO strategies that can help businesses grow. Their goal is to offer a holistic approach to SEO that involves studying the client, their business, their background, and the industry they work in.

Some of Regex SEO’s clients include The Oaks Plastic Surgery, Tulsa Federal Credit Union, Maison Luisant, Service Corporation International, and Cannon Law. Their team is composed of experienced content editors, developers, writers, and designers that all contribute to the company’s comprehensive selection of digital marketing services.

5. Wpromote

Although our rating puts them in fifth place, Wpromote boasts itself as being the best SEO agency in Houston. Wpromote has a long history of working with many respected and well-recognized brands such as Erin Condren, Zenni, PAPYRUS, and Marriott. This gives the company an excellent track record, offering peace of mind even for larger corporations who are looking for a strong and experienced digital marketing team to fit their needs.

One of Wpromote’s main goals is to help businesses adopt a challenger mindset. This involves pushing the limitations of their client’s marketing campaigns and striving to do better at every turn. This leads %-KU~r.0 (s them to create innovations and powerful insights that make Wpromote’s team an indispensable part of your own.

Wpromote focuses on a range of different digital marketing strategies including search engine optimization, but they also provide services for paid media optimization, organic search growth, and they also utilize digital science.

Next is Hyperlinks Media in sixth place with 23 points. As an award-winning SEO and digital marketing company, Hyperlinks Media has an impressive collection of accolades including a 5.0 star Google rating and is rated one of the best SEO agencies by With over 20 years of experience and knowledge. Hyperlinks Media is easily one of the most trustworthy SEO companies in Houston.

As one of the most decorated SEO companies in Houston, Hyperlinks Media focuses on helping clients increase qualified leads, improve business growth, boost brand recognition, and also obtain more positive reviews and ratings. They employ a number of different SEO strategies that are mainly rooted in digital marketing and data analysis.

Hyperlinks Media also offers a number of digital design solutions, making it a great all-in-one digital marketing solution for small and large companies alike.

7. SEO Houston Pros

As their name suggests, SEO Houston Pros are professionals in the search marketing industry based in Houston, Texas. With over 10 years of service to locals and companies across the country, SEO Houston Pros takes pride in making sure that every facet of a company’s online marketing is capitalized on to help them dominate search engine result pages.

SEO Houston Pros offers a range of services, such BEyURy xw{@*as their Google Guarantee service to get you not just on the front page, but at the top spot of a Google search result. They also offer services like local SEO, PPC optimization, reputation management, and social media marketing.

SEO Houston Pros currently offers a free website audit to give potential clients a thorough understanding of their current search engine optimization status. After analyzing your website, SEO Houston Pros will use the data to improve your website, optimize it for search engines, and provide a better user experience while growing your brand.

8. MARION Integrated Marketing

Tied for 8th we have MARION Integrated Marketing at 22 points. MARION is an award-winning full-service digital marketing company that provides SEO services for small and medium-sized businesses. In addition to just providing digital marketing services, MARION offers supplemental services for existing in-house marketing departments, making them a great choice for both small companies and large organizations that already have marketing teams.

MARION takes a holistic approach to digital marketing by mixing creative, strategic, and technical team members to provide you with the best possible services to reach your marketing goals. From utilizing skilled writers and designers to bringing on marketing strategies that examine your business goals, your company is in good hands with MARION Integrated Marketing.

The company also has an online portfolio that showcases all of their past work. It can be filtered and searched to give you a better idea of what the company is capable of.

9. Brazos Valley Marketing

Brazos Valley Marketing also scored 22 points but failed the tie-br 4._!7 q&#:Neaker, putting it in ninth place. Unlike other Houston SEO companies on this list, Brazos Valley Marketing focuses mainly on search engine optimization. This includes keyword research, identifying competitors, and providing professional analysis to help compile data that you can act on.

The company boasts over 35 years of combined experience that can help you achieve top Google rankings which can grow your business. They provide SEO services to many locations in Houston but are also open to working with businesses across the country.

They also provide a free ROI tool on their website that can help you calculate the lifetime value profit that you make off sales, how many new customers you expect, and the net value of a lead for your business.

10. Joshua Belland SEO

Lastly, we have Joshua Belland SEO which also tied with 22 points but lost the tie-breaker. Operated by Joshua Belland, the owner is an SEO expert that has over a decade of experience working with marketing teams in both small businesses and Fortune 50 enterprises. While the company’s main focus is on SEO, Joshua Belland SEO also provides web design services and resources to help you learn more about web design.

Joshua Belland takes a mixed approach to SEO that involves both technical SEO and content marketing. He understands that SEO is a popularity contest and thus tries to tailor his services around these concepts. He also makes use of social media and online PR to grow a brand’s exposure on the internet.

A unique aspect of Joshua Belland SEO is that he’s also willing to teach others about SEO. He has an SEO guide that will help clients understand the basics of SEO and advanced tactics that experts around the world utilize to rank websites in different industries.

Scoring Criteria

Instead of just listening to Google’s word, we rank the best SEO companies in Houston by taking several factors into consideration.

While the SEO performance of the company’s website is important, we go deeper to pick out key data to assist in scoring and rating these companies. This allows us to create a more meaningful rating system and we can pinpoint the best SEO companies in a target city.

We use metrics such as the following to rank the top SEO companies:

  • Whether they had an SSL certificate
  • If the site was mobile-friendly
  • If the site loaded in less than 3 seconds
  • Domain rating
  • Number of referring domains
  • Total traffic to the site
  • The total number of Google reviews
  • The average review score of each

For each category, we gave each SEO company inWs؇LaS):-*K9e[9 Houston a score out of five. We then ranked them based on this score to see which companies were objectively the best in the local area.

In the event that several companies have the same score, we use a tie-breaker scoring system that ranks the companies from best to worst in loading speed, number of referring domains, and the total number of Google reviews.

You can view the scoring criteria here.

Start sending inquiries today

So if you’re interested in hiring an SEO agency in Houston, this guide serves as an excellent starting point.

This guide is a comprehensive list of the best SEO companies in Houston. We base this on actual research and data instead of opinion. We compile lists based on key SEO criteria and research that show they’ll be a great fit for businesses based in Houston.

The only thing left is to look at these companies and judge for yourself to see if they meet your own criteria. We suggest taking a look at their website, reading reviews, looking at their case studies, and submitting inquiries to learn more.

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