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How to Delete Instagram in 2020

1. Go to on your browser (not the app) and log into the account you want to delete.

2. You should see the page below. If not, go here.

3. Select the reason you’re deleting your account.

4. Re-enter your password

5. Ask yourself: “Why am I deleting my Instagram account?”

Good Reasons to Delete Instagram

  • You aren’t happy with your progress in life right now.
  • You procrastinate.
  • You can’t focus.
  • You can’t sit in silence for more than two seconds.
  • You struggle to live in the moment and experience REAL life that’s happening around you.
  • You’re 0+ʡxAAiJ{wА9j撄getting dumber.
  • You haven’t read a single book this year.
  • You think what people post on Instagram is real life.
  • You think your self worth is tied to how many followers, likes, and comments you get.
  • You feel threatened by people who appear to be more successful than you are.
  • You believe that followers, likes, and comments are a prerequisite for success.
  • You value your privacy and do not authorize Instagram (Facebook) to sell your data.
  • You believe the company (Facebook) is biased against your political beliefs.
  • Your company isn’t driving measurable results.

Bad Reasons to Delete Instagram

  • Your ex posted a pic with their new lover.
  • Someone wrote a mean comment.
  • Another app has risen in popularity.
  • Your mom created an account.
  • Your company is getting leads and customers from using it.
  • You’re an influencer who makes a living posting on it.
  • You’re doing it because of anger, not because of rationality.

6. Read This Warning: You will permanently lose your profile, photos, videos, comments, likes, and followers when you delete Instagram.

7. Click “Permanently delete my account”

8. Enjoy life without Instagram.

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