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Top 10 Best Miami SEO Companies for 2020 [100% Unbiased]

Are you searching for the best SEO companies in Miami?

There are many SEO experts out there, but how do you know which digital marketing agency does the best search engine optimization job to boost your Google rankings and drive more organic traffic to your site? Lucky for you, we’ve put together the top 10 Miami SEO experts in the area! I hope this list of search engine optimization companies saves your business time, so you can start getting new clients sooner. You can use any of these digital marketing agencies for your SEO campaign, social media, and other business needs.

These Miami based SEO experts know how search engines work.

You can count on them to help your business increase search engine rankings. Digital marketing experts know the way to get a boosted conversion rate and take your website to the next level. Miami search engine optimization experts will build an effective marketing strategy, keeping your long-term goals in mind.

This list is completely unbiased, and we haven’t received any payment from companies looking to be put on this SEO list. The rankings were created based on a series of criteria that we explain at the end of this post.

So, strap yourself in and check out the Miami SEO list below:

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Top 10 SEO Companies in Miami

  1. WEBRIS Agency (34 points)
  2. On the Map Inc. (30 points)
  3. The Miami SEO Company (23 points)
  4. Egochi (22 points)
  5. Wegacha (22 points)
  6. OptFirst Internet Marketing (21 points)
  7. Pacific54 (20 points)
  8. Alphametic (20 points)
  9. Link2City (19 points)
  10. Vortex Communications (19 points)

WEBRIS Agency: Bilingual Digital Marketing in Miami, FL

WEBRIS Agency, Miami, FL is one of the best fully bi-lingual marketing companies offering SEO services in both English and Spanish. They proudly promote white hat SEO services through their website and can call upon over 50 years of SEO expert experience. WEBRIS team offers a lot of excellent high-quality SEO campaigns for your Miami business. They handle various SEO services to get improved search results– both on and off-page. On their site, they claim to offer consistent long term results for clients, rather than just one month of great results and a dip back down again. The WEBRIS SEO team is also very diverse, with a great blend of technical and creative experts.

During our res1`kwegI%ӧ-_TӳѾearch, we found that they came out on top in just about every single category. The only one they came second in was the Domain Rating, but they made up for that with over 1200 reference domains. Their website dominates the total search engine traffic stat, and most importantly, they have the most Google Reviews. To go alongside this, we found the average Google rating was five stars. That’s as good as it gets, making them well worthy of the top spot in our rankings. You should consider them for high-quality link building services, thoughtful keyword research, and smart content optimization.

Whether you need a local SEO campaign or general search engine optimization strategy, this digital marketing team is ready to help with organic search. Miami SEO experts will make sure your keywords are up to date, optimize your website, advise on the web design. Customers mention that the results speak for themselves and highly recommend this internet marketing agency.

On the Map Inc. Free Instant SEO Analyzer

On the Map, Inc. agency is aptly named as they hope to get your business on the map by improving your web presence through SEO. They provide proven local SEO results, as shown by the numerous case studies on their website. You can clearly see they deliver on promises to drive traffic and can get your business to the number one spot. On top of that, they offer a free consultation. Whether your goal is Local SEO or you target the entire world, it’s vital to check on your website health often. It allows you to solve any problems on time, and provide the highest quality user experience.

Again, you get an extensive marketing service that begins with SEO website analysis to find your KPIs. This is highly important to build search results speak strategy to help your business grow. Everything is covered by their team, from keyword research all the way down to customized content and custom reporting. With over ten years of experience in this industry and multiple awards to their name, this is a fine Miami SEO agency to choose from. Our rankings criteria found that they competed with the top spot throughout the search engine optimization process. In fact, they were the top-rated website for Domain Rating, earning 75 compared to 66 in second place.

All of their work is done in-house, which helps to avoid any delays for your company. A great feature that we found on the website is that they have services for common Miami industries. Their clients’ SEO campaign list includes Dentist SEO, Photographer SEO, and so on. Customers love them on social media and emphasize their search engine optimization marketing strategies. They will design an effective SEO strategy business owners will love. Miami SEO experts working out a way to take your project to the next level. They can save your company time to generate search engine organic traffic by build#8Y9l"ށ#.;WYQ"Qing a strategy that covers on-page search engine optimization, off-page link building services, social media signals, email marketing content strategies.

The Miami SEO Company: Search Engine Optimization That Works for Your Business.

As soon as you visit the website, there’s something you’ll enjoy – an offer for a free online website consultation. Who doesn’t like to get free things, right? Sergio Aicardi and Jason Hawkins started The Miami SEO Company because they felt the majority of SEO agencies were rip-offs. They’ve grown the business of Miami SEO services into an impressively sized digital marketing team with digital marketing experts in multiple internet marketing services – from content writing to link building to PPC. These Miami SEO experts will cover all your online marketing needs. They help websites increase organic search results, social media growth, and other business marketing needs.

The company is a Google Partner, which gives confidence they’re certified, online marketing professionals with all rights reserved. They offer a complete SEO package tailored to your business, they also provide web design services if your business needs them. Through our digital research, we found their website performed admirably across most metrics, with a 4.7 average Google rating being the standout. One slight blot on the page was the website taking over 3 seconds to load, but they still did enough to get third place on our list.

Egochi: Your Web Partner Towards Online Success


Egochi is a bright and forward-thinking Miami SEO agency that can help with your search engine optimization needs. It’s evident that search engine optimization professionals know what they’re talking ab%a'H2p h?o]Mout and go into great focus when discussing SEO ranking traffic factors and marketing strategy techniques. There’s a full range of digital marketing services available, and this Miami SEO company states that it can make your website content visible in search engines to your target audience through its Miami SEO expert service. Every aspect of your websites’ SEO is considered, including web design, social media signals, current search engines rankings ability to correct any existing errors that have been holding you back.

Egochi ranked really highly in the ‘ranks in top 10’ and average Google Reviews rating in marketing agencies categories. However, their average rating of five-stars should be taken with a pinch of salt as they only had ten online customer reviews. Regardless, there’s a lot to like about this Miami search engine optimization company, and we noticed how they let you set your online marketing budget and build a marketing campaign around it. Their Miami SEO services will increase your search engine rankings, improve your web content to generate more traffic, and pick the best conversion rate keywords. This internet marketing has been working with search engine optimization for years, they know Google algorithms, users’ intents, and their clients’ needs.

Wegacha: Creates Your Dreamed Web Or Ecommerce

Another Miami search engine optimization company with a somewhat whacky name. Wegacha is a relatively young digital agency that offers a selection of different search engine optimization packages to help you reach your goals. They’ve only been up and running for 4 years, since 2016, but have already taken three different internet marketing awards in the last two years alone! Impressive stuff made all the more impressive by the host of strong reviews across multiple platforms. They passed all of our SEO best practice scores with an SSL Certificate, a mobile-friendly website, and an under three seconds loading speed.

What can really help, Wegacha gives you a choice. You can choose pre-packaged SEO services at a fixed price, or you can focus on their a-la-carte menu. This choice is great as it provides more options for big and small businesses in the area. Customers get premier search engine optimization service, web site design improvement, high-speed page loading, and enhanced user engagement. High-quality link building that is included in SEO campaigns increases website authority so you get more traffic. If you are looking for an SEO expert in Miami, FL, you should definitely click the “contact us” button ” on their site, or reach out on social media.

OptFirst Internet Marketing: Strategies that Maximize Campaign Efforts on all Digital Platforms

You will find internet marketing company  OptFirst in the Miami Shores region, and it’s been in Miami SEO since 2001. LinkedIn seems to indicate a small team of around fifteen employees, but this doesn’t mean you get a small-time search engine optimization service.

We were impressed with how well this small business stacked up against some of the bigger ones. The company is full of Miami FL SEO experts that have been in the search engine optimization industry for decades. The OptFirst methodology follows an eight-step plan to improve your website SEO. They outline a marketing strategy on their website, which gives you some transparency into how they and search engines will work for you. Again, they also let you build your own package service based on what you think is most important to use for your website. They can create one-off search engine optimization campaigns or provide an ongoing service for your business – the choice is yours!

Pacific54: a Diverse Team of Experts, Providing Premium Digital Marketing Services

Coming in at number seven, we have the crisp and modern Pacific54 search engine optimization team. Founded by Avi Cohen, the company has been navigating the digital SEO field for over ten years. They’ve become Google Partners, have an average review rating of 4.9, and boast a small business team that includes two dogs and a cat.

Based in the heart of Wynwood, Miami FL, they are working with a friendly approach to search engine optimization. The smallness of the team means that each client gets dedicated attention all the time. The customer service is great as well, you can use their handy web chat to get answers for any burning marketing questions you want. All customers need to do is find the “contact us” link on the page of their website.

The website SEO services work based around a simple concept of evaluating content and links and increase its quality. They create an effective keywords database / Rwpid M1𐜴e[%e*and follow Google algorithms to help win more traffic for every web page. The Miami SEO team promises to study your website and continuously make improvements to help you stand out from the crowd. They improve your web design, the online presence, deliver effective search engine optimization strategies to increase your internet traffic. If you want you can find other business services they focus on. For example, combine SEO service with the web design process and email marketing. Customers love the strategy when they can win over Google traffic with the target keywords, improve user experience, and increase the number of new prospects at the same time.

Alphametic: Your Next Search Marketing Agency

Next on the list of the best Miami SEO marketing companies is Alphametic, who claim to optimize your website digital conversions using SEO focus and a variety of other search marketing exploits. They’ve been featured in some pretty big publications over the press and internet, including Entrepreneur and Inc.

The USP of Alphametic is probably their 90-day SEO makeover service. It sounds like a moderately interesting reality TV show. But it’s actually working well for you to see vital changes in just a few months. While they don’t explicitly name any clients on social, they do include stats that claim they were able to increase Google search traffic and website visibility by 246% and helped business break 100k website online visits per month. So, the stats seem a great way to suggest they know what they’re talking about.

Alphametic was founded by Matthew Capala and has worked with a series of major brands like L’Oreal, Novartis, and Shopkeep. They must have enjoyed a lot of recent success as they’re just moved to a new address in Downtown Miami in the central business district. Their search engine optimization (SEO) strategy has great social proof on the internet. Customers often emphasize their marketing service with long Google reviews.

The penultimate Miami SEO company on our list is Link2City. They scored 19 points, tying them with the company in tenth place. It’s a marketing agency with a lot of web experience, and this is reflected in the long number of case studies you can see on the website. They have over 2,000 clients across multiple industries, so they must know what they’re doing.

Danny Sibai started Link2City in 1999, which is a very early time to have an SEO business. As the years have progressed, the company has grown and developed new skills and strengths to match the changing times and demands of the marketing industry.

Like most industries, the marketing industry is always changing to match the technological advancement of the current day. Since Link2city has been able to remain at the top all of these years, it adds great credibility to the company. You’ll notice they have won multiple awards in the last decade, including one for Top SEO Services Company in Miami 2018.

They offer an SEO service with a focus on Google marketing. The team handles all the on and off-page SEO specifics, including building links and content optimization for websites. Their website states that clients have seen a 42% bounce rate decrease, an 83% organic traffic increase, and a 38% average visit duration increase through this service. If you have a great project that requires the help of marketing gurus, and you need to be confident in the results take your chances and click the link above. It will take you to the right web page.

Web-users recommend them on social. If you need to read about this company’s marketing achievements, go to their website. You can also look through search engines results, and find links to the websites they work with. It’s a great way to evaluate their web page content, marketing results to decide if this firm can help with your online project.

Vortex Communications: Make Sure Your Brand Messaging Reaches The Target.

Rounding off the top 10 SEO companies in Miami is Vortex Communications. Now, their primary focus is website design, but they also specialize in SEO services, including efficient keyword research. By combining the two marketing efforts: web design and content optimization clients can get better marketing long term results they need. This agency can help users to find your websites online with your target keyword. They also focus on building a personalized user experience that will take your business to the next level. It will especially help if you need results with your new online retail campaign. This includes users’ recommendations, web remarketing, and discovering new prospects.

They won the Best Branding Agencies in Miami 20:zֺc( uZ:O19 award, and we found an average rating of five-stars from their 25 Google reviews. Thomas Weinkle is the founder, and this company actually dates all the way back to 1984. It didn’t offer SEO or digital marketing services back then, but it was a full-scale design firm. From there, it evolved into the agency you see today. It boasts a small yet creative team, and they claim to have provided help and amazing results for over 13,000 happy clients across the web.

Scoring Criteria: In-depth Metrics You Can Trust

The easy way to create a list of the top SEO companies in Miami is to run a Google search and focus on the top 10 results! However, we don’t believe the ranking spots of a company tell the full story.

As such, we take lots of different things into account to help see the real picture. SEO performance is still very important, but there are deeper website issues and data that need to be considered as well. We spent a lot of time coming up with the ranking criteria, and we settled on the following:

  • Does the website have an SSL certificate?
  • Is the site mobile-friendly?
  • Does the site load within 3 seconds?
  • Does the site rank in the top 10?
  • What is the Domain Rating?
  • How many referring domains are present?
  • What is the total traffic to the site?
  • How many Google Reviews does each company have?
  • What is the average review score of each?

We scored every company out of five for all the different categories. We added them up, ranking them based on the total score. WEBRIS Agency came out on top with 34 points, followed by On the Map Inc. with a very respectable 30 points.

The remaining eight companies all scored between 23 and 19 points. So, there was just as big of a gap between all of them as there was between the top two. If you’re interested in seeing the entire rankings breakdown, then click here.

Hire an SEO company in Miami, FL today

If you want help from an SEO agency in Miami, then use this guide to start your search. We’ve done a lot of the groundwork for you, ranking the top ten sites in the area. The complete list of the top SEO companies in Miami was created to help your business increase organic rankings in the United States or worldwide. We have evaluated multiple SEO firms and narrowed it down to the top 10 agencies. You can trust our scoring system as we take the responsibility of providing in-depth research as we would do for our own. The effectiveness of your business is your priority, and we want to share our industry knowledge to make things a little easier.

Our findings are based on actual data, not just someone’s opinion. We take a lot of things into account and provide full transparency by offering a breakdown of the results. The truth is that every business on this list can provide excellent SEO services in Miami. Each business is different, and one company we have mentioned would probably fit your vision and goals better than the other. In reality, the decision is yours to make!

Use our guide to help, but be sure to focus on further research and call upon your own judgment to hire the best SEO company for your Miami-based business.

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