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About Nathan Gotch

Hey there, my name is Nathan Gotch and I’m the founder of Gotch SEO.

I started Gotch SEO back in 2013 because I knew I could help businesses get way better SEO results. Since then, I’ve led hundreds of successful SEO campaigns in verticals like health, technology, law, and many more.

I’ve also trained over 1,000 other aspiring SEO experts in my training course, Gotch SEO Academy.

My SEO expertise has been featured on SEMRush, Ahrefs, Search Engine Journal, Search Engine Watch, and many other SEO publications.

And thousands of SEO and digital marketing professionals read my blog and watch my YouTube content every day.

You can also find me on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

What People Say About Me

  • “Awesome SEO blog to follow.” – Ahrefs
  • “SEO expert worth following.” – Mangools
  • “If you’re thinking about SEO, you have to think about Gotch SEO!” – Outgrow
  • “Best SEO blog to follow.” – SEOblog
  • “Nathan Gotch has one of the best blogs in the SEO industry.” – Digital Triggers
  • “Nathan Gotch is a world-renowned SEO expert.” – Blurbpoint
  • “Successful SEO consultant with some revolutionary ideas about how SEO should be taught and applied in growing a business.” – Chase Reiner

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Top Hits

I’ve written over 200,000 words (the equivalent of four non-fiction books) on Gotch SEO and people have watched over 54,000 hours of my YouTube content. That’s like watching The Godfather 20,769 times!

That said, here’s the most popular stuff I’ve published:


Here are some recent interviews I’ve done:

9 Quick Facts About Me (Nathan Gotch)

You know I do SEO, but who am I really?

1. I’m married and have a daughter. This is first on the list because my family is what matters most to me.

The Gotches

2. I have two dogs who spend most of their day barking while I’m trying to do deep work, but it’s worth it.

3. I’ve lived in St. Louis since 2013 (but lived the first part of my life outside of Los Angeles).

4. I read books and then reread books so I can transcribe all my notes. Psychotic? Maybe. But here are some transcribed notes (don’t worry, you don’t have to opt-in) from business books I’ve read.

5. I have a super relevant degree in political science. I know bashing college is the hip thing to do, but I’m so grateful for my degree and professors because they taught me how to write.

6. I started Gotch SEO on a credit card with a $500 limit (ballin!)

7. I got super fat after college and ballooned above 200 pounds. I then got mad, lost 15 pounds, and haven’t put it back on since (3 years later).

8. I have zero interest in material possessions. The only thing (outside of my family and the Lakers) that TRULY excites me is the thrill of entrepreneurship. I don’t get “sick of working” or feel like I have to take time off because what I do isn’t work.

It’s my passion. I love it.

9. I’m a former college baseball pitcher with two impressive feats. First, I struck out 13 batters in only six innings. Second, I hit 7 batters in only six innings. Let’s just say I had pitching control issues.