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Top 10 Best San Diego SEO Companies for 2020

Are you struggling to get your business noticed on Google and want more info on the best SEO companies in San Diego in order to transform the future of your brand?

Then you should probably read on…

We’ve coձ& !m+Sa)#7/f&#mpleted hours (many hours) of research to compile this unbiased list of the finest SEO services in America’s Finest City. None of them have paid for their placement.

Moreover, all information is publicly available. So, let’s take a look at San Diego’s best solutions.

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Top 10 Best San Diego SEO Companies for 2020

  1. Saba SEO (28 points)
  2. Ignite Visibility (28 points)
  3. SEO One Click (26 points)
  4. CNG Digital Marketing (21 points)
  5. Launch Source SEO (20 points)
  6. Storm Brain (20 points)
  7. OrganicSoft (19 points)
  8. San Diego SEO Company (19 points)
  9. Self Image Media (18 points)
  10. Vivid Software Solutions (18 points)

1. Saba SEO

When seeking a company that delivers world-class SEO that forms part of a comprehensive search engine marketing package, Saba SEO is the best option in San Diego. Established in 1998, the company is one of the world’s longest-serving SEO experts on the planet. Their experience allows them to take the guesswork out of SEO and SEM, delivering great results in rapid times.

The company promotes itself as developing relationships “built on trust and transparency” with a focus on producing tangible rewards. They have worked with businesses of all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds, boasting a solid track record across the board.

Saba SEO works tirelessly to find the best opportunities for ranking on the keywords that users looking for your company’s products are most likely to use. The company also helps your brand stay ahead of the curve in relation to voice searches and mobile searches too.

One aspect that sets Saba apart from many other SEO experts in San Diego is that they focus on websites and brands that are built to please both consumers and Google alike. The former is, sadly, something many agencies seem to ignore.

Saba SEO also offers a complimentary website audit. So, you can discover the possibilities without spending a dollar. This, combined with a wealth of other features, is why they score a huge 28 points.

2. Ignite Visibility

Our research shows that Ignite Visibility can consider itself unlucky not to grab the top spot on our list due to the fact it joins Saba SEO on 28 points. Even so, there’s no question that San Diego’s second-best SEO company can spark your brand’s digital presence into life.

In fact, Ignite Visibility ranks as the #1 search engine marketing company in the USA, UK, and Canada by Clutch. Launched in 2013, the company quickly established itself as one of San Diego’s premier digital marketing companies, providing an extensive range of services including web design, franchise marketing, and Amazon marketing.

They are, therefore, a great option for startups and SMEs looking for a comprehensive digital revamp. Nonetheless, Ignite’s primary focus remains on its award-winning SEO services and organic traffic generation.

Ignite Visibility pride themselves on delivering results that increase revenue by an average of 250% solely through SEO and viral marketing strategies. The company also works with no long-term contracts, ensuring you gain consistently brilliant results month after month.

Over 150 clients, including Tony Robbins, 5 Hour Energy, and Sharp Healthcare can’t be wrong…

3. SEO One Click

SEO One-Click, otherwise known as One-Click Marketing, is a digital agency that promises to “create leads, so you can operate the business”. And it does this very well, particularly if your business operates in San Diego and the surrounding areas.

The company, which scores an impressive 26 points, offers lead generation and eCommerce SEO services. However, the digital agency comes into its own when dealing with local SEO in San Diego.

SEO One Click builds competitive strategies that incorporate keyword research, competitor analysis, local business listing citations, local search, and local maps optimization to help your website climb the SERPS for localized searches. The company is also quick to promote the fact that local SEO statistically beats traditional lead sources by 40%.

The digital agency can complete web design az#F%ލǛ  rnd other assignments. Crucially, their competitively short-term contracts and proven track record of responding to any issues in under 48 hours provides an additional source of confidence.

They didn’t pick up the UpCity Excellence Award in 2019 – along with other awards in previous years – without good reason.

4. CNG Digital Marketing

CNG Digital Marketing is another San Diego agency that provides a wide range of services including web design, PPC, and content strategy. All of those elements place a significant focus on enhancing the brand’s Google ranking, which is enough to see the site scored 21 points on our analysis.

As a company that prides itself on the core principles of Innovation, Relationship, Growth, and Tactics, many clients find that this is a great option for long-term strategies. Their content marketing campaigns and outreach tactics are particularly useful, serving clients from a diverse range of backgrounds.

CNG has also landed awards for UX design, among others, which translates to a practical simplicity for your business as well as its client base. Esthetics are important in modern business, and the innovative company performs very well in this aspect.

Customized strategies are backed up by years of experience while the agency’s dedicated video SEO marketing campaigns offer something that many alternatives in San Diego cannot match – or at least not to the same standards.

The team has produced great results for several years, and continue to do so. Business owners in San Diego could do far worse.

5. Launch Source SEO

Launch Source SEO ranks first for the term “San Diego SEO” in both the ‘Maps’ and ‘Organic’ search fields, which instantly confirms they know what they’re doing. They additionallqI.&v֞ x2! ~#( y claim that their passion will Launch your business up the local SERPs. Whatever they do, it’s good enough to land the number five spot on our San Diego shortlist.

The agency has established itself as one of California’s premier services aimed at small to medium-sized businesses, promising to boost SEO rankings by up to 350%. It’s a big claim, but their track record for organic search, link building, and on-page SEO is impressive. It certainly suggests that SMEs will see the benefits of selecting this route.

Some of their past clients include Utopia Property Management, Maggio Capital Inc, and California Contractor Bonds. While the company does offer services to a wider audience, businesses in San Diego are best positioned to unlock the full potential of the agency.

The company also states that it has successfully completed over 235 projects, providing SEO as well as PPC management. Their services include monthly reporting and no long-term contracts, giving you the freedom to leave if it’s not working out.

However, with a focus purely on climbing the Google rankings, it can be a very wise investment for firms seeking increased awareness.

6. Storm Brain

Storm Brain‘s eye-catching website instantly conjures up thoughts that this is one of San Diego’s most forward-thinking and creative digital marketing agencies. They endeavor to help your business “stand out” and “make noise”, which is something they’ve done for brands such as Citi, Union Bank, and Prudential Real Estate.

The team of self-confessed analytical data geeks is keen to promote the need for setting your brand apart from the competition. As far as its SEO in San Diego is concerned, the process focuses on reaching the right audience.

It is a company that also takes great pride in offering a personalized service supported by great customer care. It even states that “bigger is not always better”, also alluding to the fact that their knowledge is geared primarily to SEO plans that gain positive responses from customers in San Diego and the surrounding regions.

However, the business does arguably spread itself a little too thin by offering web design, SMO, graphic design, and other digital marketing campaigns. It’s not a massive issue in general, but for a relatively small agency, the SEO services could potentially be even higher than the score of 20 we gave.

Nonetheless, it’s still one of the best SEO agencies in San Diego, especially if you require other services.

7. OrganicSoft

Yes, OrganicSoft‘s web address has a ‘K’ in it. We’re not entirely oK with it either. Thankfully, when you look past this factor, the digital agency has a lot to offer. First and foremost, the company states that it can get your website into the top 10 on Google – and keep it there – for just $500. It’s a very solid value for money.

The science-driven agency uses measurable analytics for transparent and easily digested reporting, utilizing the insights to generate optimal ROIs. Their highly advanced approach to SEO is built on a foundation of AI and Machine Learning to deliver more traffic from the right sources.

Because they offer web design and paid media services too, OrganicSoft is an ideal option for a complete marketing overhaul. Moreover, their free consultation services allow you to confirm that they are able to deliver the results you want before dipping your hand into your pocket.

Having launched in 2006, the company has been a Google partner since 2011. They’re also a Bing Ads Certified Company that works with brick and mortar stores, eCommerce businesses, and bloggers to secure increased rankings, traffic, and sales.
Meanwhile, their web audits allow you to start boosting your site in no time.

8. San Diego SEO Company

The San Diego SEO Company has provided generic and local search engine optimization services in California for over 12 years, while owner Simon has been building websites for a decade longer than that. However, their business model is built on a modern and scientific approach that uses advanced mathematics to satisfy the ever-changing search engine algorithms.

It is immediately clear that the agency focuses on tracking for regular updates and adjustments. This is highlighted by a plethora of reports that are offered. The list includes detailing leads from telephone calls, forms fill leads, press release distribution, Google Analytics, Bing Analytics, Google Webmaster, and more.

Local SEO strategies implemented by the San Diego SEO Company focus on leveraging success from Google My Business, Yelp, and local directories as well aMڭ^;]fR6mO-DGrLxs on-site optimization.
The San Diego SEO Company also incorporates technical SEO.

From checking Google can crawl your site to removing 404 pages, the simple steps can make a significant impact on a website’s ranking, delivering improved results in very quick times. The company’s bottom-line approach, focusing on new leads and increased loyalty, fits with most SME aspirations too.

Moreover, tailored pricing makes it a good option for smaller operations hoping to avoid paying excessive fees for products they won’t use.

9. Self Image Media

Appearances count for everything online, and Self Image Media understands this to a level that secures the 18 points and a ninth-placed ranking on our list of the best SEO agencies in San Diego. Their aggressive approach to SEO marketing is underpinned by the fact that they endeavor to help brands outrank their competitors. The digital arena is fierce, and this approach is a winner.

Self Image Media is an experienced agency boasting hundreds of verified five-star ratings. This alone should fill prospective clients with reassurance. A diverse client base ranging from Berman Business Consulting to Zenspa shows that they are capable of supporting almost all companies in the San Diego region.

The digital agency is committed to creating goal-specific strategies, focusing heavily on keywords and competitor research to find opportunities for brands to increase Google rankings in a fast and cost-effective manner. Custom content creation and local search optimization feature prominently.

Self Image Media additionally offers a range of paid search, branding, graphic design, brand positioning, and web design elements. Essentially, if you want to take a backseat role while focusing on the business venture itself, this San Diego agency is a good solution.

Weekend opening hours would be nice, even for customer support, but it’s not likely to be a deal-breaker for many.

10. Vivid Software Solutions

As the name suggests, Vivid Software Solutions has a clear ethos and approach to business. Their “holistic approach towards search engine optimization (SEO)” investigates all internet marketing options to help eCommerce business and brick-and-mortar companies in San Diego climb the rankings.

Their integrated and consistent strategies aim to use keywords, local listings, Google My Business to target organic traffic from predefined target markets within the geolocation. Their full web design and marketing strategies claim to use PPC and other products to take results to even greater heights.

A quick browse of their site shows that they focus on building sites that are loved by Google. Could they be a little better for the user? Probably. However, if you’re working exclusively with their SEO experts, it’s unlikely to affect your brand.

Vivid pays a lot of attention to the mobile market, which makes a lot of sense for local searches. They have worked with Vista Films, Infinity Packaging, DrVoIP, Scripps Marriage Therapy, and more. With mostly positive reviews, it’s a good shout for anyone seeking an unambiguous approach.

Results are more important than fancy gimmicks. Vivid champions this concept is better than most.

Here are some other SEO companies if you want to do more due diligence.

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