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6 Awesome Free SEO Resources

Here are 6 free SEO resources for taking your performance to another level:

On-Page SEO Checklist – This is the most complete checklist for optimizing any page for SEO.

SEO Content Case Study – Discover how we increased organic search traffic by 348% with one blog post.

21 Examples of Perfect SEO Content – How you build your SEO content will make or break your performance. This swipe file will show you 21 examples of SEO content from different articles. You can then model these and achieve similar results.

7 Untapped Link Building Techniques – There aren’t many “untapped” link building techniques except for the ones in this free download.

Expired Domain Vetting Checklist – Using expired domains for SEO (or building niche websites) is a smart move. This checklist will ensure that you only purchase the best expired domains possible.

52 Lucrative SEO Niches – Want to get paid to do SEO for businesses? Smart idea because it’s one of the fastest ways to grow your income online. But the first step is to choose a niche to serve. I’ve gathered 52 niches with high-customer values.

In case you’re wondering, businesses with high-customer values are willing to pay more for SEO services.