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Top 10 Best St. Louis SEO Companies for 2020

Looking for the best SEO companies in St. Louis to help you improve your Google rankings and organic search traffic?

You’re in the right place.

This is an unbiased list and none of these companies have paid for placement. Our detailed }掭xG1iS%@]ranking criteria are below.

With that, here are the top St. Louis SEO companies.

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1. Gotch SEO

Yes, you’re on right now and yes, we’re #1 on this list.

While it may seem biased, it’s 100% based on data using the scoring system outlined below.

Gotch SEO is a St Louis SEO company founded by Nathan Gotch in 2013. Nathan is an internationally recognized SEO expert. His SEO blog attracts thousands of visitors every day, his YouTube channel receives over 500 views every day, and Nathan’s SEO expertise has been featured on Forbes, Entrepreneur,, Search Engine Journal, and many other prominent publications.

Gotch SEO has two divisions.

Our SEO services division helps qualified companies improve their rankings and grow their organic search traffic. Gotch SEO works with local, national, and e-com businesses with annual revenue of $1 million+.

Unlike most of the other SEO companies, you’ll see on this list, we only offer SEO services. We know what we’re good at, and we stick to it.

The other division is Gotch SEO Academy, which is a complete SEO training platform with over 1,000 students. It covers everything from creating an SEO-friendly website to promoting your content to acquire more backlinks. This has helped some companies see a 300% lift in monthly revenue for their business.

2. Web Design and Company

Data shows that Web Design and Company deserve the second spot on our list of SEO companies in St Louis. They’re ranking well for the term, have a high domain rating, and a bunch of do-follow links pointing to their website.

As the name suggests, Web Design and Company focus primarily on web design, but offer SEO services, too. They’re a great option for businesses that need help with other areas of their digital marketing strategy (like web development) alongside SEO.

They’ve been in business for 18 years, claim to have created 500,000+ Google rankings, and serve a huge range of industries (rather than specializing in one niche.)

Web Design and Company pride themselves on delivering SEO reports that are “transparent and thorough”—one of which shows a search visibility uplift of 28% for a previous client.

Plus, Web Design and Company have created a range of WordPress products—like the Content Generator and Search Engine Simulator. The goal? To help companies do their own SEO more effectively.

3. St Louis Digital Media

As the name suggests, St Louis Digital Media is a full-service media agency. Marketing and SEO forms a branch of their service offering, alongside website design and PPC management.

St Louis Digital Media was created by Kyle O’Donnell in 2012, a marketing and advertising expert with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA) from the University of Missouri-Columbia. He also holds a Google AdWords certification.

Kyle’s team offers a free marketing consultation and/or website evaluation for every inquiry. This gives you a chance to see whether their recommendations for your website are something you should consider taking action on.

LinkedIn shows they have a small (but specialized) team of seven, including account managers and content marketing specialists. suggests their hourly rate falls between $150 and $199, with a minimum project size of $1,000.

The offices of St Louis Digital Media are on West Port Plaza Drive, near Page Avenue.

4. SEO for Growth

SEO for Growth is widely known as being an SEO book. The book touches on various SEO strategies, including lead generation, the Google algorithm, and content marketing. It has glowing reviews from Brian Dean, Sujan Patel, Larry Kim, and Ann Handley.

However, SEO for Growth has a different business model. Instead of being a standalone agency operating in Missouri, they offer SEO consulting, audits, and link-building services for businesses in specific areas—similar to a franchise business model.

The St Louis branch of SEO for Growth is run by Ken Tucker, an Inbound Marketing Certified Consultant. Ken previously taught social media marketing and content marketing classes at the St. Charles Community College. He is also an Inbound Marketing Certified Professional, and Duct Tape Marketing Master Consultant.

To become a certified consultant for SEO for Growth, you need to take their SEO certification. This is level one of their training; you need to complete further training to use their franchise-style system in a specific location.

5. Beanstalk Web Solutions

Beanstalk Web Solutions is another company that focuses on web design services but also helps businesses in the St Louis area with their SEO.

Tim Hebel launched the company in 2013 and has grown to an 11-strong team based on West Moody Ave. They claim to have completed 450 projects for more than 400 clients, and have won awards such as Best Marketing Firms in St. Louis’ 2019 and The Top 50 Small Companies in St. Louis by Small Business Monthly. They’re also a certified Google Partner.

Beanstalk Web Solutions offer a 5-step SEO strategy for businesses in the St Louis area, starting from keyword research and website audits, and ending with detailed reports on the activity taken. They also help with the technical side of SEO with website maintenance and analytics services for WordPress sites.

z #|_RSYk /%pAnd, because they’re a full-service marketing agency, they can help with other areas of your strategy—such as app development or website design—alongside your SEO campaigns.

6. Clix

Clix has offered both generic and local SEO services for over 22 years. They focus heavily on the technical side—including site speed, validating website coding, and developing metadata—due to their experience with web design and development. They work with large and small B2C, B2B, and government businesses.

Their team has 60+ years of industry experience and have Google Partner status. They’ve also made their way onto the Inc 5000 list of America’s fastest-growing private companies, and worked with a bunch of businesses in the St Louis area.

Clix was founded by Jason Hylan, a well-known blogger and national speaker in the marketing space. He’s also a Board Member of Entrepreneurs’ Organization in St Louis, Missouri.

They have more than 30 team members in their two offices in St Louis and Little Rock, all of which are specialists in a specific area—such as social media and copy. Again, this makes them a superb option if you’re in the market for more than SEO services.

7. Timmermann Group

Timmermann Group is another full-service marketing agency that offers services to companies in St Louis, Missouri. Their services include everything from photography and graphic design to branding and SEO.

They were recently voted as the best St Louis Marketing Firm, according to their website. And, they’re a certified Google Partner.

This agency was founded by Rob Timmermann in 2003, who has been voted one of the top St Louisans to know by Small Business Monthly. Now based on Locust St, they have a team of 22 marketing experts. They have continu*4ꛤp t1cSL/ed to win awards like Best Marketing Firm and Best in Customer Service by Small Business Monthly.

Timmermann Group offers SEO services to both B2B and B2C companies. Their website shows they’ve worked with every industry from manufacturing and contracting to non-profit and healthcare.

And, as far as keyword rankings go, their website shows they’ve claimed some impressive positions for huge keywords. This includes “hospice services st louis” and “senior living services st louis”, which their client’s websites are ranking in the top spot.

8. Red Canoe Media

Red Canoe Media is a marketing agency offering SEO services to businesses in Missouri who have annual revenues of between $2m and $20m/year. A small team of six, Red Canoe Media is headed-up by Will Hanke. They’re also a Google Partner agency.

Red Canoe Media also has an educational side to their agency. Their founder, Will, teaches monthly classes and runs coaching webinars about marketing through their St Louis Digital Marketing and SEO Workshops.

They also offer free online training you can take before enquiring about their services, host a Facebook Group for marketers, and a membership community to dive deeper into SEO-related questions.

However, one of the biggest differentiators between this SEO company and the others we’ve ranked so far is this: Red Canoe Media is owned by veterans.

Their founder, Will Hanke, served in the United States Air Force, and Will’s son is currently serving in the same force. This deep-rooted belief is shown in their agency’s name. The “RED” stands for Remember Everyone Deployed to show support for troops.

9. Clicked Studios

Clicked Studios is a digital marketing agency based in St. Louis, MO that serves B2B businesses and B2C e-commerce companies. However, they’re not a traditional SEO agency. Clicked Studios focuses on brand and app development—with SEO playing a role in that wider approach.

They offer monthly digital marketing services and charge between $5,000 and $15,000 for their design and development services, which includes everything from brand strategy and layout design to copywriting and mobile-friendly website design. Their award for Best Branding Agency in St Louis in 2019 backs this up.

Their founder, Frank Spohr, created the agency back in 2008. They’ve since grown to a specialized senior team of four and have an ever-expanding fulfillment team who have worked with local brands (like the St. Louis Auto Show), and huge brands (like eBay and Expressionery).

Clicked Studios works with House of Denmark. There was already a substantial amount of organic traffic coming to the client’s site, but those visitors weren’t converting. Since implementing their conversion strategy, Clicked Studios grew its email list by 460%.

Spohr’s LinkedIn profile states that they also managed to boost Clicked Studios’ website traffic by 106% after implementing their own advice on omnichannel digital marketing.

10. Kotton Grammer Media

The final St Louis SEO company on our list is Kotton Grammer Media—a marketing agency that also helps businesses in 20+ other major US cities including Chicago, Orlando, and New Orleans.

Their owner and founder, Kotton Grammer, has been featured in sites like Forbes, Inc, The Huffington Post, and Entrepreneur. He also has a bunch of Google certifications that show proficient skills in Analytics, AdWords, and Video Advertising.

Plus, Kotton hosts marketing webinars for small businesses alongside the agency’s service offering. He claims to have generated $40,000,000 in digital products through these webinars, according to his LinkedIn profile.

In return for an inquiry, the team at Kotton Grammer Media offers a free report card. This free SEO audit includes important changes that promise to grow your traffic—a great way to spot whether you need help from their team to implement them. You don’t need to hand over cash; _u ס pSoYq7, nor commit to a long contract, to get their input.

Scoring Criteria

Ranking the best SEO companies in St Louis isn’t as simple as taking Google’s word for it. There are several things to take into consideration.

Granted, the SEO performance of the company’s website is important. But we dug deeper, looking at this alongside other key data—like their Google reviews, for example. Our scoring criteria also meant each company must be located in the target city.

We ranked the top companies using metrics like:

  • Whether they had an SSL certificate
  • If the site was mobile-friendly
  • If the site loaded in less than 3 seconds
  • Domain rating
  • Number of referring domains
  • Total traffic to the site
  • The total number of Google reviews
  • The average review score of each

These SEO companies were all given a score out of five for each category. We ranked them based on this score, with Gotch SEO coming out on top with 30 points, shortly followed by Web Design and Company with 29 points.

The final three companies, along with two others that didn’t make the top 10, all received 18 points. So, we ran a tie-breaker scoring system that ranked them from best to worst for their loading speed, number of referring domains, and the total number of Google reviews:

You can view the scoring criteria here.

Start sending inquiries today

If you’re looking to hire an SEO agency in St Louis, use this guide as your starting point.

This guide is a comprehensive list of the best SEO companies in St Louis, based on actual data—not opinion. Each list we’ve shared meets key SEO criteria and has proven experience that indicates they might be a great fit for businesses in Missouri.

The only thing left to do is to judge for yourself. Browse their website, read their case studies, and submit an inquiry. Use your own judgment call to pick the one most likely to help you meet your SEO goals.

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