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Tubebuddy Review 2020: Grow Your YouTube Channel FAST

YouTube is the second biggest search engine worldwide, 73% of adults in the United States use it on daily basis. Youtube creators are constantly looking for effective ways to boost their channels. The reality is it might be one of the ha}jn7W2SRQ s1NBa rdest platforms to crack in terms of content rankings.

If you’re struggling to work out how to optimize each video you post and retain user entertainment it might be time to consider the TubeBuddy browser extension. YouTubers of the United States love exploring it since 2014.

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TubeBuddy is a great instrument for your channel management. It’s easy to use to streamline your video uploads, coordinate live events streaming, manage your comments, run reports, and generate search-optimized content all in one place.

TubeBuddy is a great way to streamline your video uploads, manage your comments, and generate search-optimized content all in a single place. It’s one free extension for YouTube that offers creators all this in one handy dropdown.

We’re going to run through the overview of the TubeBuddy extension. Read this guide till the end if you want to know:

  • How TubeBuddy optimizes your channel management
  • Essential functions and how it works
  • Whether TubeBuddy is worth it
  • How much offered TubeBuddy licenses cost

How TubeBuddy Optimizes Your YouTube Videos

TubeBuddy is a free browser extension and iOS mobile app that integrates with your YouTube. It is fully compatible with Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

Since 2014 TubeBuddy acts as an enhanced YouTube extension to help YouTubers streamline and monitor their YouTube channels easily. It enables creators to optimize channels by viewing key analytics on tags and titles so you can highly improve the searchability. You can watch your process on the go, from your mobile app.

TubeBuddy is particularly useful for Youtube creators. It will help you grow your YouTube channel by providing an overview of trending topics related to your titles and descriptions. Whether you target the United States or different locations, English, or other languages, this channel management tool will be extremely helpful.

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TubeBuddy Key Functions

The free version of the TubeBuddy extension has multiple functions and tools that Youtube creators can use to manage their channels, communities, and live events. To sign up with TubeBuddy, you will need to read the instructions and install the web browser extension directly from their site (

The TubeBuddy navigator will appear on the top right-hand side of your YouTube page as a black drop-down menu. To ensure the extension is fully integrated with your YouTube channel, you need to register on the TubeBuddy website and add your YouTube channel to the online portal.

You will then need to sign in to your YouTube channel from YouTube to get the above drop-down menu to appear. It is that amazing, you don’t need to know any programming languages or purchase software to access your audience insights.

The TubeBuddy drop-down allows you to navigate across YouTube to your dashboard, videos, playlists, comments, and easily monitor real-time analytics. It optimizes your existing YouTube capabilities to build your brand awareness, and add custom elements, such as branded thumbnails. You can also track the effectiveness of advertising efforts.

Save Time With Video Uploads and Playlists

TubeBuddy account allows you to upload multiple videos at once, with integrated templates for descriptions to save time when publishing. You can create template cards on the app, to automatically upload in one go (particularly useful for uploading a series), and add videos to a playlist quickly during upload to encourage your subscribers to binge-watch multiple videos.
You can simply press ‘Add Card Templates’ to apply your templates to multiple video uploads. You can also update your tags and descriptions individually or in bulk for existing videos using the videos link on the TubeBuddy menu.

Engage With Your Audience Comment Management

TubeBuddy extension boosts the existing YouTube comments function as it allows you to filter comments into a higher number of categories, including:

  • Comments you haven’t responded to
  • Comments from new subscribers
  • Comments from your Patreons
  • Comments that need a follow-up

It allows you to manage interactions with your live subscribers comprehensively using a mobile app, so you’re prioritizing and engaging with the members of the audience you need to. You can create canned responses to save time messaging back, and showing immediate user assistance when you travel and have limited availability. With TubeBuddy you will always be on top of the latest community news.

Generate SEO-Friendly Ideas With Keyword Explorer

Perhaps the best tools of the TubeBuddy extension is allowing you to quickly see what is trending on YouTube and Google with the Keyword Explorer function.

Say you were looking to get yoGikiW8Dap*,ur first 1,000 YouTube subscribers. If you want to generate trend-hitting titles type a keyword into the Explorer search bar on your app:

And it will also suggest other amazing keywords as you type them in (like ’TubeBuddy review’ or ‘TubeBuddy for youtube’). Once you’ve typed in your keyword, a list of analytics will appear for that keyword search you’ve just completed:

As you can see here, you do have to upgrade to a Pro license to see more things than three frequent video searches or video tags. It is, however, beneficial for assessing how SEO-friendly your keywords are.

Here, for instance, TubeBuddy is too large a search term, so we can narrow down our success in the search rankings by changing the title.

Let’s analyze how effective this title is: ‘How To Use TubeBuddy for YouTube 2020.’

As you can see this is far more successful as an overall keyword score. This tool is particularly useful if this part of Youtube is new to you, and you are not quite sure how to begin growing the subscriber base.

Analyze The Competition With Videolytics And Channelytics

With Keyword Explorer, you can also browse the results on YouTube to see what sorts of videos appear. First, press on the Results tab next to;ז)zBU3ݵŖ. the Summary pane, just below the keyword search bar.

Currently, the following videos are available:

If you click on the top video, you can also receive the stats for that specific video, which is an excellent way to track your YouTube competitors’ success. If you click through to their video, on the right-hand side you will see their ‘Videolytics’ for this video’s metrics and you can also click through to view their ‘Channelytics’ which gives you the stats for their channel specifically:

If you’re trying to mimic the success of a competitor, you can see which tags they are frequently using, and even copy them to save for use later.

Keyword Explorer is by far the most useful tool for generating Google crawlers-friendly ideas for your new videos.

Is TubeBuddy Worth It?

TubeBuddy is a free extension and is worth it. New users understand that it saves them time and helps them generate a thriving profile with no need to upgrade to Pro.

It might be slightly frustrating to have limited Keyword Explorer viewing options (only three new items appear at a time outside of Pro). Still, given that it is entirely free, it’s worth installing.

TubeBuddy is also easy to cancel from the TubeBuddy website once you log in:

To date, there have also been U%B 6SyCወmT3G OզVno security breaches reported through using TubeBuddy, and many creators use it daily to upload and manage the health of their content. It is also YouTube certified.
The biggest drawbacks of TubeBuddy are that it only works on one channel at a time, so you’ll have to buy a subscription for multiple channels. Also, many of the things like scheduled uploads are only open with the Pro content.

The app is currently not available on Android.

How Much Do TubeBuddy Licenses Cost?

There are three packages of the TubeBuddy extension available for creators: Pro, Star, and Legend.

  • Pro: For $9 a month, your company gets access to most of the productivity and video optimization tools. You do not have the option of scheduling, and complete bulk actions for large video uploads.
  • Star: For $19, you’re granted access to every bulk processing option available for video management, like scheduling bulk uploads and managing tools for publications.
  • Legend: $49 grants the full experience. Creators can access all the tools, like cross-channel SEO optimization, translation tools, and further competitor analysis.

The larger packages are only worth it if you have a large subscriber base, or are looking to make money from your channel. Non-profits, annual purchasers, and those with less than 1,000 subscribers also receive certain discounts across certain packages.

Final Musings On TubeBuddy

TubeBuddy is an awesome free upgrade for YouTube creators. It provides tools so you can template your uploads, follow up with your comments, and generate SEO-friendly ideas. For a free browser extension, it’s one of the best out there and worth checking out.

Keyword Explorer makes things completely worthwhile, and with a Pro package discount, it is worth investing in if you want to grow your company leveraging a Youtube channel and have less than 1,000 subscribers.

The more expensive TubeBuddy packages? We’ll leave you to decide.

Try TubeBuddy today to grow your YouTube channel fast.

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